Sunday, August 27, 2017

Two rupees story

   Hi friends, how are you? I know you are well and too good , but after you read this story, you will may not be fine. :-) just kidding. don't  take it seriously. Okay. Come to the point, this story is all about my childhood memories, may be yours also. One thing I can promise you ,it's not going to have funny scripts, as just 3 years old kid  in prison for murder of someone, or kid having love story even when he doesn't know what it is. Which are generally we can see in few films and really unrealistic. So, now you can proceed to read the story without any afraid.

* * * * *
     Once upon a day , I am known as Karthik, got up  from my bed and did head bath in the early morning, usually even I don't have these good habits :-). I wore new dress, and then went to my grandpa home with  sweet get cooked by mom. I think, All of you slowly getting the point at least now. Yes, that day was my birthday.( all of you wish me :-).. )

    My grandpa blessed me, and, as I expected, I got two rupees from his pocket. Then,nobody can measure my happiness, you also can't imagine it. It's peaks to the sky, I thought that I became billionaire in one day. Often, I was looking at two rupees coin and preparing the list to how to spend the money, what are the thing to buy. My list was like, 50 paise chocolates, 50 paise biscuits and 25 paise chikki and the remaining 75 paise can spend on other day.

  After then, quickly I came home to inform mom, that I would go to  Seethamma granny's shop to buy chocolates and biscuits as per the list. I went fast to granny's shop. I was standing in front of the shop and was looking at items one after one, and thinking which one had to choose.

Granny looked at me and asked, " Hey bittu, Today, why you wake up  so early and came here ?"
I smiled and I said , "Today is my birthday, that's why my grandpa gave me two rupees. So, I am thinking what to buy "
She also smiled and blessed me.
Then I put my hand in my pocket for a two rupees coin, all of sudden, I shocked myself. I didn't able to find a coin, I lost it.

"For what you are searching ? ", she asked.
"Granny, I can't find a coin in my pocket, it seems to be I missed it somewhere, I lost it.I am unlucky fellow.", I answered unhappily.
   Then she came closer me, and held my hands and told me, " why are you getting disappointed ? I am also your granny nah?  what you want, you can take. How can I see you like this, and how can I let you leave without giving anything."
She gave me whatever I want.

Then,I started crying.

"Why did you start crying? today is your birthday, you shouldn't cry, you should feel happy and more energetic." , she was trying to make me happy and wiped my tears.
I was crying more and more,and I told her, " I am not crying because of my two rupees were lost. I feel myself bad that I haven't brought sweet for you ".
Then,She looked at my eyes.Our eyes talked to each other.
I remember that moment, I could see tears in her eyes.

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