Friday, September 22, 2017

Delightful moments

She is often glancing at the main gate through the window from her room.
Her room is filled with silence and little lamp lighting.
It seems she is waiting for someone who can fill her life with brightness of love and care.
She is keeping the faith that he will come back to give her whatever she wants and whatever she would like to have.
Even her room is getting more darkness, she never cares about that.

Her looks glued with innumerable moments that she has been awaited for him.
On her lips, dreams lightnings are apparently more visible.

The same picture
has been continuing...


Her hope is remains in the same,
that's getting flourished with rising new desires.


She knows,
That the separation makes her more pleasant to sing about his memories.
And the time that is melting for look forward to him giving her delightful moments.

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