Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thank you!

     It's already 9, I have been here for 20 minutes, bus has not yet come. If I would late to be here then it might come at the right time. Whenever I come early to bus stop, it doesn't come at the exact time.
If I missed to catch this bus , then need to change 4 buses to reach office. From the last one weak I am late to work because of  having this much of luck. Oh! It's coming, I stepped into the bus. No seats , till the next stop,  I have to stand and look for a seat.

     Fortunately, I got a seat, and I shocked that Mr.Gangadhar is next to me. Again he will make me frustrated and will show me torture. He is working as an agent for some insurances and polices related stuff. This is the sixth time that I am going to get headache with his nonstop talking, which is all about his mutual funds, policies and health insurances. Whatever the topic we started, will end with his goal.

I smiled at him.
"Yeh! Yeswanth, it has been long time. How are you young man?"
"Fine Sir. what about you?"
"Little busy, since I have the performance review by this month ending. As soon as possible I need to achieve the target."
"As I told you many time, you can commit to monthly premium policy. Recently one new policy hit into the market, having more benefits..."

I am just nodding my head, because I know that he will never stop until he will step off from the bus.
He started to tell an example which relates assets of polices, that are usually he tells every time. At least he never tries to change the example.
Even he is almost 50 years old and he doesn't have kids also, why he is trying to make more money at this age? I am really get confused with his stressful life.

"Okay Yeswanth, I will step down in the next stop. I have to go to the hospital to see my  wife and to know about her health status"
"What.. ? What happened to her ?  Is everything Okay?"
"It's just okay. She is suffering from Thyroid for last one year."
"Admit her in corporate hospital, then she can quickly get relief from disease."
I know giving suggestions is an easy job, but, I forget that it might hurts other.
"Yes Yeswanth, what you are saying is correct. But I am not that much rich person to do that."
"Sorry sir..."
"Hmm.. When I was at your age, I didn't  know the importance of money. I also enjoyed very much like you. Now, at this age, even thought I know it's importance there is no use."

It seems,he is giving answers to the questions, that are in my  mind about him.
Now, It's knowing that he told me every time about his life as an example. I am really not getting words to say.

"Okay Sir, bye!"
"Bye Yeswanth." He stepped off from the bus.
"Hello .."
"Hello.. Gangadhar  here."
"Hi Sir, I am Yeswanth. Can I meet you  today evening to discuss about policies? Depends on your suggestion, I will commit to any one of that."
"Sure Yeswanth, Thank you!"
"No sir, I have to say thank you. Thank you very much!!!"

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